Professional Growth Plan


Standard 6: The Political, Social, Economic, Legal, and Cultural Context:


v     A competent school administrator is an educational leader who promotes the success of all students by understanding, responding to, and influencing the larger political, social, economic, legal, and cultural context.


Students look to teachers as their role models.  Teachers should be seen as people that the students want to emulate.  Unfortunately, many times minority students go through their schooling with a lack of a cultural role model to help guide them through the rough years of adolescence.  To this end, a successful administrator of a school should ensure that its staff represents the cultural context of the school.

When teacher recruitment is needed, I will travel to where teacher with different cultural backgrounds are.  It is easy to merely go the job fairs directly around your school, but then you will constantly get the same types of teachers.  If new cultural ideas are needed within the school, then that new culture must be sought out, away from the safety of the home areas.

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