Belief Statement

Education is a gift that everyone should have.  Unfortunately, not everyone takes the time to unwrap the present, or even acknowledge that the gift is there.  As an educator, it is my responsibility to make sure that all of my students understand and recognize the value and importance of this gift.  The education that one receives in high school is not about the information presented in each class.  The real education comes from observing, analyzing, interpreting, and manipulating the information into manageable units.

            High school exposes students to some of the different fields of study that are available to them.  A student should be able to find something to peak their interest.  If the real education is received, that interest should create a spark that will lead to a fire.  That fire will lead to the student becoming a life-long learner. 

Regardless of which field a student may choose to enter, the skills of critical thinking and analysis of data will aid the student in all areas of life and career.  If the gift of education in properly realized, a student can observe any situation, analyze and interpret the data, and then utilize that data to create a solution to a problem that may arise.  I believe that every student has these abilities.  It is my mission to stimulate the desire in my colleagues and students to sharpen these tools to help them achieve their goals.

As a building leader, I will let my unquenchable fire for knowledge shine.  Students and faculty can identify an authentic lover of learning and education.  I am that authentic person.  I believe that a person should lead by example.  I will be the example to follow.